Our Daily Life

We value the gift of enclosure in which we create an atmosphere of silence and solitude enabling us to experience friendship with Christ. 
We have two hours of private mental prayer each day, and gather as a community to pray the Liturgy of the Hours (Divine Office of the Church) six times a day.  We strive to create an environment for prayer which balances solitude and community, silence and recreation, work and free time.

Daily Horarium

6:00 AM                      One hour of private prayer
7:00 AM                      Office of Readings
7:30 AM                      Mass with Morning Prayer
8:30 AM                      Midmorning Prayer followed by breakfast
9:00–10:30 AM            Spiritual Reading
10:30–11:45 AM          Work
12:00 Noon                 Midday Prayer
12:30 PM                    Dinner listening to a tape in silence, Recreation
1:30 PM                      Dishes
2:15–2:45 PM              Midafternoon Prayer Private
2:45–4:00 PM              Work
4:00 PM                      Personal Time
4:30 PM                      Evening Prayer
5:00–6:00 PM              One hour of private prayer
6:30                           Supper and Recreation
7:30 PM                      Dishes followed by Night Prayer & personal time
9:30 PM                      Great Silence

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